Katherine Williams: Exchange

Just like this installation, we have come together from different corners of the Cornell Campus to innovate and create change in this community. We aim to connect students and address the social climate at Cornell. Our collaboration aims to initiate a dialogue on campus about the issues we individually and collectively face and express these through design and art. We are venturing to capture the Cornell community as it is and what it is not. As students on this campus we have struggled to connect with our peers even though we live in the same places and learn in the same classes. Our university has accepted diverse students but hasn’t given us a common identity to unite on. This is never more apparent than when we receive notifications about racially or sexually motivated attacks on our campus. These horrific events beg the question: what does it mean to be a Cornellian? What values do we all hold and live by? Our project seeks to find the answers to these questions and, in the lack of an identity, define what students want Cornell to mean.

Co Designers- Caley Drooff (Computing and Info Sci ’20), Cornelius Tulloch (AAP ’21), Zelia Gonzales (ILR ’20)

  • Space & Installation Arts
  • November 15, 2018
  • Jill Stuart Gallery (Human Ecology Building)
  • Katherine Williams