• September 12-28, 2018
  • MVR Gallery, 1st Floor
  • Jonathan Pao and Jialin Ke
  • Jialin Ke's Website

In a technologically advanced world, humans have adapted to being accosted by a deluge of information. Due to our fast paced lifestyles, we are conditioned to expect immediacy and are no longer mindful of our bodies in our surroundings. Pulse serves as a space for reflection and mindfulness – a refuge from the avalanche of information which we consume. Pulse aims to accomplish therapy through exploring the intimate and deeply intertwined relationship between the human body, music, and nature. We invite the audience to take a few minutes to wear a pulse sensor and interact with a music controller that produces nature sounds, which were collected from various disappearing sources. Through this musical experience we hope to bring awareness to the many symbols of life that are so easily forgotten and taken for granted – our pulse and nature, an enduring aspect of our lives and to mankind.