Cagla Sokullu

Returning Home, The Long Way Around

Art is made up of layers, I have always believed; it is between visual, sound, kinetics, all at the same time, creating an experience and meaning that can be felt more than seen or heard. It must be pulled towards creating a space that’s open, flexible, and perhaps non-linear. The installation “Returning Home, the Long Way Round” embodies this multiplicity of ideas. It starts with a two line poem, foreign to the audience, and becomes an object that can be played with, experienced first-hand, and changed according to the audience’s intentions. The line between ambiguity and legibility is a fine one, one that I find myself crossing when I can. Art should not be dictated by the artist, I think, it must be them that decide on what narrative they see among the layers. Thus the layers can become the literal and metaphorical language of art-making, something that can speak for multiples, and create conversation between ones without a common culture, language or vision. 

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