Biennial 2018

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2018 BIENNIAL: Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival

The 2018 CCA Biennial focus is on Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival. The aim is to stage artistic environments that might provoke conversation about the persistence of passage, from environments to communities, while emphasizing the challenge of survival in hostile socio-ecological climates.

Duration lies at the core of conceptual, architectural, and media art, whether through the experience of the ephemeral media of installation, performance, screen, sound, and time-based art or through the representation of the passage of time via creation, migration, memory, and motion. The idea of duration thus foregrounds the artistic horizons of both temporality and corporeity, indicating the persistence and continued presence of the material world through which the historical and virtual are experienced in their potentiality.

Duration can be “short” in its transience, ephemerality, volatility, and perishability. And it can be “long” in its durability, endurance, steadfastness, longevity, and survival. Projects might ponder variations of the temporality of indigenous culture, the morphing of bio and animal, the “long durée” of gradual historical alterations, transitions of global cyberculture, slowness of painting and reading, contemplations of the built environment, the “deep time” of ecology and the volatile encroachment of global warming, or the historical resonance of “passage” with contemporary imperatives of persistence and survival under threatening cultural conditions.


CCA 2018 Biennial
Lead Dean, CCA Kent Kleinman | Curator/CCA Director Timothy Murray | Program Coordinator Erin Emerson

Curatorial Committee Tao DuFour (Architecture) | Renate Ferro (Art) | Kathy Gleason (Landscape Architecture) |
Denise Green
(Fiber Science & Apparel Design) | Salah Hassan (History of Art/Africana Studies/ICM) |
Soo Yon Lee (Graduate Student Respresentative) | Karen Pinkus (Romance Studies/Comparative Literature) |
Steve Pond (Music) | Amy Villarejo (Performing & Media Arts) | Stephanie Wiles (Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art)