Image/Cornell Robotic Construction Laboratory
Knotted installation proposes ways to reduce timber waste
When a tree is harvested for wood, what happens to the pieces that aren’t ramrod...
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Image/Andrew Gao '22
Milstein students get a glimpse of artist Xu Bing’s character
Students in the Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity were treated to a special Q&A...
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Jason Koski/Brand Communications
CCA Biennial launches with art projects across campus
The 2018 Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA) Biennial launched with a tour of outdoor...
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Edith Fikes/AAP
Log Knot, The Emperor’s Canary, and Todd: AAP Faculty and Student Work in the 2018 CCA Biennial
The 2018 Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA) Biennial is underway and includes three projects...
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Image/Carrie Mae Weems
Carrie Mae Weems: HEAVE
Produced by Carrie Mae Weems for the 2018 CCA Biennial, Heave is a two-part artwork installed in specially designed...
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Boris Tsang / Sun Assistant Photography Editor
What are the Mysterious Structures on the Arts Quad?
One day, Cornellians woke up to find two unassuming, beige-colored structures in the Arts Quad...
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A Meditation on Tongues
Dance, multimedia performance to open 2018 CCA Biennial
The 2018 Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA) Biennial kicks off Sept. 14-15 at 8 p.m. at...
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Ni'Ja Whitson, A Meditation on Tongues. Photo: Scott Shaw.
CCA Biennial 2018: Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival
The Cornell Council for the Arts (CCA) announces the theme and participants for the 3rd...
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The LOG KNOT installation is composed of irregularly-shaped logs connected in a twisting design. BreAnne Fleer / Sun News Editor
Robotically-Built LOG KNOT Installation on Ag Quad Optimizes Wood Usage
Looping around itself on the Ag Quad stands LOG KNOT — On Perpetual Wood Cycles...
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TEXTURE Exhibit Invites Patrons Into a World of Tactile Textiles
Cornellians can now immerse themselves in a world of fabric and feel their way through...
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