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The CCA awards grants to Cornell Faculty, Departments, Programs, Student Organizations, and Student Artists to support creative art projects that engage any singular art form or any mixture of art forms, and may be exhibited, presented, or performed in on-campus as well as off-campus venues.

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Nov 08
Whispers from the Field: Ethnographic Poetry and Creative Prose

Performance & Music
Novemeber 8
Big Red Barn
Presented by Annie Sheng 

Whispers from the Field: Ethnographic Poetry and Creative Prose will make a splash as an innovative aural, visual and interactive anthropological and literary project that traverses the bounds of academia to reach a broader audience—featuring original ethnographic poetry and creative prose by Cornell University researchers and students, presented and performed in a chapbook, visual display, and reading event. The interactive and multilayered project offers a startling glance into the world of researchers as they step into and immerse in their field. The three-part publication, display and reading challenges the academic voice to elicit the charged, affective responses in entering the fieldwork space, providing an inside look into the everyday ethnographic experience. It seeks to capture the creative outbursts that do not fall easily into the world of academia publications and conference presentations—through the expressive forms of literary print, display and reading.

Thursday, November 8; 6:00pm - 8:00pm

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