Creative projects listed under EVENTS + EXHIBITIONS are funded in part with a grant from the Cornell Council for the Arts.

The CCA awards grants to Cornell Faculty, Departments, Programs, Student Organizations, and Student Artists to support creative art projects that engage any singular art form or any mixture of art forms, and may be exhibited, presented, or performed in on-campus as well as off-campus venues.

FALL 2017
(Check back frequently, as events are continually being added.)

Nov 20 - Dec 01

Space & Installation
November 20 - December 1
Olive Tjaden Gallery
Presented by Gabriel Ramos

Tendederos consists of the creation of an immersive site-specific installation, by Gabriel Ramos (MFA’18), about the visual layering and distortion of forms through the process of recollection. The installation will consist of clothesline forms that hang from to wall to wall in layers through the gallery space. Visitors from AAP and the Cornell University community are invited to fully experience the immersive installation by going through the space and exploring the environment composed of the hanging forms from multiple points of view. By doing so viewers will experience a constant visual layering that changes and gets distorted through the exploration of the space.

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