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Mar 19 - Apr 20

Visual & Media
March 19 - April 20
Bibliowicz Family Gallery, Milstein Hall
Presented by Michael Ashkin

This exhibition presents Michael Ashkin's recent work consisting of sculptures and photographs that reflect the urban landscape of Berlin as one of voids, liminality, and conflict. As a result of war, aerial bombing, the divisions of the Cold War and the Berlin Wall, recurrent battles over historical remembrance and preservation, real estate speculation and development, as well as the legacy of conflictual marketing images, the city's topography contains traumatic gaps and separations.

Ashkin writes, "During these labyrinthine walks across the city, the present manifests a claustrophobic and repressive normalcy, hiding its past behind the walls, beneath the rubble, among the roots; its future equally obscured, but perhaps soon visible, on the horizon, through the endless staggered obstructions."

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