The CCA will host a series of lunchtime roundtables with its curatorial team of faculty in the arts to facilitate a conversation of duration and contemporary art. The CCA Lunchtime Roundtables will invite an interdisciplinary group of faculty and students to informally present their own work and research with the goal of shedding light on specific areas of scholarship on campus and in the world related to ideas of empathy. Our hope is that these discussions will ignite ideas and inspire new partnerships between faculty and students across the disciplines of art, design, performance, science, and engineering that lead to project proposals for CCA’s Biennial platform.

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Caroline O'Donnell's CCA Biennial project Urchin has received much attention from local and international press. Read the story about this project and it's process in the Cornell Daily Sun.

Applications now being accepted for new arts projects to be exhibited or performed on campus during the 2018-19 academic year. Information sessions are scheduled for early 2018, with applications due April 11.

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Tony was selling candy and gum in eighth grade when strangers approached him and gave him a bag of rolled “joints” to sell. From there he became a major dealer.

Apr 25

Mr. Burns, a post-electric play, begins with eight friends gathered around a fire. As they slowly piece together the story, it is revealed that they are escaping from the nuclear fallout of an unnamed apocalyptic event.

Apr 27
May 05

Film is a migratory medium that has traveled across the globe ever since the Lumière Brothers first  brought  the world to the world in their films from 1895. More than a century later Shifting Frames: Migration and the Movies in India shows audiences and owners of Indian cinema halls are also migratory.

May 02