Sep 12 2002

Xu Bing's art investigates the creation of language, how it is learned, the barriers and structures it creates, and the meaning and non-meaning of the written word. At the Johnson Museum, he created a new work exploring the transformation of English letters into pictorial words through 300 cutout birds in various forms: English, Chinese scripts, and New English Calligraphy - Xu Bing's invented written language. In this work, he further develops ideas he explored in a work for the...

Apr 29
May 01 2002

Erin Bullock presented mixed-media collages using photographs of Australian landscapes and people.  The search for the real Australia, in the cultural and physical landscape was expressed using color photography incorporated in a non-traditional manner with collages and mixed-media pieces, including text, advertisements, found objects, and paint.

Mar 18
Mar 22 2002

Linda Price presented a series of paintings about an imagined journey through landscapes of a kind of Wonderland.  A pair of antique shoe lasts took on the journey.  Their adventures introduced them to fellow travelers and forgotten objects lost long ago, creating a history embedded in paint.

Mar 15
Mar 17 2002

Laura Taylor presented a collection of paintings depicting the life-cycle of apple trees. Paintings were botanical, thus rendered with close attention to anatomical accuracy, with the added goal of capturing the drama and beauty of the plant in every season.  Images were created as portraits, up close and in detail.

Mar 09
Mar 15 2002

Edward Jones presented black and white photographic images taken in Nigeria exploring the issue of nutrition/hypertension in people of African descent. Images were exclusively portraits showing human expression in the face and the human figure itself integrating passions in photograph and in the area of nutrition.

Mar 04
Mar 08 2002

Jennifer Borel, Wendy Kenigsberg, & Mariah Sawyer Art exhibition spotlighting three Cornell staff members.  Jenniffer Borel created mosaic tile panels depicting human figures with exaggerated displays of emotion.  Wendy Kenigsberg's project, "Fire, Water, Air and Earth," consisted of a series of collages made of assorted media images sewn together to represent each of the four elements.  Mariah Sawyer developed a piece entitled "Revealing the Internal...