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Q. Who is eligible to apply for a CCA Individual Grant?
A. Cornell students, student organizations, faculty, departments, and programs.

Q. How and where will funds be disbursed?
A. Faculty, departments, programs, and SAFC/GPSAFC registered student organizations with university accounts will have their funds transferred directly. Individual students will receive their funds via direct deposit.

Q. Our student group has an account at a local banking institution. Can our funds be deposited there?
A. As this is not a university account, funds cannot be transferred directly. However, an authorized account representative may submit the necessary forms (ACH form for the group account and W9). Monies are subject to taxes and the representative submitting the W9 will receive a 1099 for their income tax return.

Q. What if I don’t have direct deposit?
A. To sign up for direct deposit through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system, you’ll need to submit an ACH Authorization Form (paper form available by request through Payroll or online via Workday) and a W9 or a W-8BEN.

Q. Are grant monies taxable?
A. Individual students awarded a grant will receive monies less any applicable taxes, resulting in your receipt of a 1099 for your income tax return. Monies transferred between Cornell accounts are not taxable.

Q. I have a group of individuals interested in collaborating on a project that I’d like to submit but we aren’t a registered organization.
Can we still apply?

A. Absolutely! The CCA encourages all types of collaboration -- interdisciplinary, mixed media, faculty/student, etc. 

Q. What are the CCA funding cycle deadlines?
A. The CCA currently offers one funding cycle annually with a mid-spring application deadline. Applications for the Grant project applications are accepted beginning in late fall with a mid-spring deadline for. Decisions and notifications are made in late spring for the following academic year.

We encourage anyone considering applying for a CCA grant to contact the CCA office to inquire about the feasibility of a project proposal or to seek guidance about how to best prepare your application. The CCA office can be reached at (607) 255-7274 or