Biennial 2018

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The CCA seeks proposals for artworks, performances, and design interfaces that will feature artistic expressions and provocations of passage, persistence, and survival across the imaginary, the natural, the built, the cultural, and the political. To forge intellectual and creative partnerships beyond the academic demarcations of artistic, design, and intellectual practice, we seek Cornell generated or curated projects in art, design, installation, performance, and other forms that can be offered to the public across various venues of the Ithaca campus.

Outdoor projects should be tailored to conform to 2-3 outdoor sites suggested by the Committee on Outdoor Art at Cornell:


The CCA has a strong interest in funding projects that are developed in multidisciplinary groups and that address the biennial theme of Duration through the development of creative work that expands the boundaries of a specific discipline. Because funding for faculty and student projects is limited, selection of proposals for inclusion in the 2018 Biennial will be at the discretion of the Curatorial Committee.

Decisions of the Curatorial Committee will be made by February 19, 2018.


Project Summary (500 words max.): Please describe your project in as much detail as possible including how the project addresses the idea or experience of “Duration: Passage, Persistence, Survival.”

Project Author and Collaborators (200 words max.): Please name the primary author of the project and all partners and collaborators and their affiliations. Please include c.v.s.

Project Budget (single page): Please include a separate, single page, that details, in a table or list format, the costs involved in developing, producing, and presenting your project or event. Proposed budgets should range from $4,000-$8,000 for all related costs. Please visit for details on acceptable costs for funding, application guidelines, etc.

Submission Deadline:

Project proposals should be submitted via Slideroom by January 26, 2018.


If you would like to suggest a topic related to the Biennial or wish to nominate a student or faculty member to be considered as a Biennial participant, please email your suggestions or nominations to


CCA 2018 Biennial
Lead Dean, CCA Kent Kleinman | Curator/CCA Director Timothy Murray | Program Coordinator Erin Emerson

Curatorial Committee Tao DuFour (Architecture) | Renate Ferro (Art) | Kathy Gleason (Landscape Architecture) |
Denise Green
(Fiber Science & Apparel Design) | Salah Hassan (History of Art/Africana Studies/ICM) |
Soo Yon Lee (Graduate Student Respresentative) | Karen Pinkus (Romance Studies/Comparative Literature) |
Steve Pond (Music) | Amy Villarejo (Performing & Media Arts) | Stephanie Wiles (Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art)